Sorting Prompts

7th graders sorted writing prompts this morning. We determined if the prompt was having us write an expository piece, a narrative, or an argumentative piece. 

Novel projects

To wrap up our literature circle novels, 6th graders are completing projects to demonstrate their knowledge of characters, plot, and events from their novel. Students are making board games, collages, diaries, comic books, artwork, and more! Look for your child’s final product on Fresh Grade on Friday! 

Lit Circles

6th graders are working in literature circle groups right now. Each group is reading a different novel. Each night, each student is responsible for a job. Students then share their job with the group the next day. Students either visualize, report (summarize), create discussion questions, look for exceptional language the author has used, or make connections to the text. We are having great discussions about the text! 

Intentions and Inventors

Before we left for break, sixth graders created either a Google slide show project or a scrapbook highlighting the American Industrial Revolution, and some of the inventions and inventors of that time. Some students even dressed up as a specific inventor! We saw Cyrus McCormick, John Deere, Zeppelin, and the Wright Brothers. The Friday before break, students shared their presentations with each other, and even some staff members stopped by!

Layers of the Earth

Seventh graders just researched the layers of the earth and wrote a five paragraph informational composition. They also got to bring in an edible represention of one or more of the layers. Here are some of the creations!