Genius Hour

Students are starting to nail down their driving questions for their genius hour projects. Students are learning about topics such as Holocaust, the moon, mental illness treatments, creating a buddy bench for our K-5 kids, and so much more! The ideas they have are impressive and exciting! 


Central Idea

We are learning that good readers determine the central idea of a text. Students are also learning how to annotate as they read.  Good readers stop and think, and stop and jot while they read!

Context Clues

We are reviewing context clues for the next few days. Students are reading Baloney by Henry P., reading con”text” clues (on fake text messages), identifying the type of clue an author has given, and some classes are even “Speaking like a pirate.” 

Figuring it out

To finish the week, we learned that good readers use what they know (what we call schema) and add it to the text to figure things out. So today, we tried to figure out which “inference bag” belonged to which adult in our building! We learned that some of us have more background knowledge than others with certain teachers! Some of the things we think we figured out based on the “inference bags”:

  1. Mrs. Vierra has cows.
  2. Mr. Wahl enjoys flying kites.
  3. Ms. Stephens owns a cat.
  4. Dr. Barnett is a Notre Dame fan.
  5. Mr. Brewer is a bike rider.
  6. Mrs. Asay enjoys yoga.
  7. Mr. Brogan likes to golf.
  8. Mr. Ivy likes the Cubs. 

Holocaust Novels

We just finished reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and Number the Stars. Students are creating projects to demonstrate their understanding of various aspects of the novels. Students made newspapers, scrapbooks, book covers, and trunks.